Monday, September 27, 2010

...Or Something Like That....

My husband and I were discussing the differences in perspective , attitude, reactions, etc. between man and woman. Or rather I was discussing, he was listening. Or rather I was discussing, I think he was listening. Then we pulled up behind a car with this bumper sticker; " My wife says I never listen to what she says...or something like that." ! Hmm... how timely. We both laughed.
You know there are a lot of differences between how a man and woman relate to any manner of situations. Those differnces can and do cause a lot of frustration, disappointment and hurt in a marriage.
How many of us have asked the question at some time or another, "Why if God intended a man and woman to live in harmony, did he make them so different?  If I am supposed to live in peace with my husband , why are there so many things we are opposites in?"
I have felt the frustration of that question, but as my hubby and I were discussing the other day, it is those very differences that make up a good marriage.
 God created male and female in His own image. Gen. 1 :27 . Gen 2:18 says God saw that it was not good for man to be alone and made him an help suitable for him. Verse 29 of the same chapter says "and they shall be one flesh". It is in the union before God of man and woman that we become a whole creation. Eph 5: 31 gives the same thought.
So why did He make us so different? Not to be an endless frustration to us. Not to tax our christian charity. Not to give fodder for husband and wife jokes. He made us different to complete each other.
 Anything with balance must have differences. It is in our opposites that we together become completely whole. Consider for a moment, if we both were very emotional who would we lean on to be strong and sane? If we both got angry easily, who would calm us down? If we both were pessimistic who would show us the bright side? if we both like to shop who would help us save us money? If we both liked to be on the go, who would stay home and get anything done? If we both were hermits, who would help us make new friends? If we both hated to ask for directions, how would get anywhere? If we both felt discouraged at the same time, who would lift us up? If we both always felt the same about discipline of the children, who  would offer some restraint if we were too harsh or who would give some order if we were too lenient? ....We could go on and on.
We can allow are differences to pull us apart and withdraw into ourselves, or we can recognize God gave me this person because I needed those differences to balance me out. We need their strengths and, yes, we need their weaknesses. Together we make a team, a whole, a complete creation in God.
If we fight it, we break apart. If we bend , we blend. It's that simple! Rejoice in the opposites of husband and wife for that is how God intended it. " And God saw everything He made and behold it was very good" Praise our Father for His wonderful wisdom!!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mom's Menus for the "Hot and Harried" Days of Summer :)

Breakfasts- Cold Cereal with optional "fill-ins"- pick one- Bananas, Bagels, Canned fruit, Yogurt, Melons

Lunches - Sandwiches, choice of "fill-ins"- pick two or three- chips, fruit veggies, cookies, string cheese, nuts , pudding cups

Suppers- Pick One-

Make Your Own Subs


Taco Salad

Chef Salad

Grilled Burgers

Pick Two-

Relish Tray

Veggies and Dip


Fresh Fruit Tray


Garlic Toast

Cottage Cheese

Pick One or Two -



Bar Cookies

Ice Cream


Mixed Frozen Fruit

Sunday Dinner Menu-

Scalloped Potaoes and Ham in the crockpot

Tossed salad

Ice Cream Dessert

Sunday Supper-

Crackers and Cheeses

Veggies and Dips



Thursday, August 12, 2010


Today I bit into a ripe yellow pear...and was carried to an old orchard. An overgrown orchard with long grass and gnarled trees bent low with the weight of the fruit they bear; apples, pears,and plums, lots of varieties of each.
Under the trees the air is cool and fragrant; a delight for the senses. The mountain breeze laden with fruity pleasures and the buzz of yellow jackets and honeybees.
 In the old orchard one could be anything or anyone their imaginations could think up. A queen, a pioneer, an orphan child, a mother of 22 children, a pretty maiden with dozens of suitors vying for a chance to stroll with her 'neath the privacy of the old trees. One could have tree-climbing races, build houses, sit back against the trunk and dangle your feet and read or dream hidden by the leafy branches. And always there was a tangy, crunchy apple or a sweet, dripping pear for a snack whenever your mouth desired.
The birds sang back and forth to each other and Mt. Hood stood sentinel above it all. It was a magical place!

Yes, the old orchard brought lots of long hours of work ,gathering the fruit and putting it up for winter,but nothing could dim the treasure held within its shady recesses. And those are the memories that linger with such sweetness ready to burst forth in poignant reality at the first juicy bite of a ripe yellow pear!

Aaahh, one never knows when they may be handed an orchid in the middle of a busy day