Saturday, May 30, 2015

Are You a Feminist?

There is something creeping subtly into the minds, hearts and homes of Christian women. More and more , I see, hear and read of it's symptoms and manifestations. It is feminism in it's new ,ungodly form.
    We have always thought of the "women's lib", suffrage, and feminism movements as "out there" , not something that touches godly women, but it is. It has crept in so silently we don't recognize it until it has ruined homes and lives.
    Consider how recently you have seen or heard of a marriage being torn apart of a couple you never would have thought it would happen to. How often are you seeing it even in homes with church backgrounds of a strong Biblical stand against divorce?
    Consider how often you hear a variation of the thinking; "I need my space", "I need to be who I am", I need to go after my dreams", " I know I may need to change but I need to change for myself, not someone else".
    Does that sound familiar? Does that really sound like biblical, godly womanhood? (And incidentally, what's wrong with changing for someone you love? True love will always change a person. )
      What was a woman created for? To be his helpmeet- to complete him. God made man in His image, male and female. In the two, as one, they both become complete.
    When did that cease to be a high calling and a privilege?
     What is the completed oneness of a man and woman supposed to be for? Is there a purpose beyond procreation and the happy, lovey- dovey of companionship? Of course! It is to show Christ and His Bride to the world.
     When did that cease to be a high calling and a privilege?
      The Bride of Christ loves her Groom, serves her Groom, reverences her Groom, changes for her Groom. Her Groom is her joy, her life!!
      When did the earthly manifestation of that, cease to be a fulfillment of all that I need or desire or dream?
       Dare I suggest to you a couple things that have allowed this snake into the garden?
      Firstly, we have failed somehow to hold up and teach the glorious joy of a woman's calling. We have failed to teach and show the beautiful example of marriages like that of Christ and His Bride. So our young women are not catching that a marriage like that is what will fulfill them . That is where their dreams will be met.
    Then we see the "dream catch" syndrome of the world creeping in.
    O, we feel godly because we don't say he needs to be a Yale or Harvard graduate or a lawyer, doctor or have a six figure income. We say he needs to be a missionary or seminary student, involved in ministry, or a Bible College graduate. We want the finest catch for our daughters; forgetting to teach them to be worthy of a man of God, regardless of his family name, his vocation, occupation or income.
   There is, also, another thing far more subtly feeding the snake. It is the teaching that a young woman needs to remember that "she" is so very, very special. Why, she even should look in the mirror and tell herself that! She needs to wait because "she" is worth it. She needs to be very, very sure she finds the godliest man to take care of "her". She needs to be sure that any man she considers measures up to "her" standards and fulfills her list of credentials. She needs to go after that seminary student or missionary because "she" deserves it.
     An attitude like that makes it very hard not to whine or pout the first time you have to pick up Mr. Right's socks. Or when Mr. Seminary doesn't bring you flowers. Or Mr. Missionary neglects to tell you you're pretty or thank you for the supper.
     Of course , some of those things are good to teach but before you think I'm off my rocker for saying that feeds the snake, hear me out....
    Consider the calling of the Bride of Christ. Who is special? Who is worthy? You're right- the Groom!
    We women were created to be "his" helpmeet; to complete "him".
     We keep ourselves special because "he" is! We wait because "he" is worth it!
      Does that make me less than him? No! No! No! A thousand times, no!
     If you want to feel important. That IS important! The man is not complete without the woman, that is why God made you!
     You have a need to be cared for, and protected. The man fulfills that need. There's nothing wrong with that! That is okay! That's not "not being who I am"! That is who you were meant to be. That's God's way. Not mine, not someone else's , God's!
      Young women ( or older women) you need to grab ahold of your calling! You need to seek God to impress it deep into your hearts!
     Parents, you need to recognize the subtle twist the devil and the influence of the  world is putting on your teaching. Be very, very sure your daughters catch the difference!
   Our young women's lives, the lives of many  young men and children depend on it.
   Oh, yes, Young Woman, you are important! You can go after your dreams! Lift up the man in your life! See that you "reverence your husband" if you have one or see that you respect the godly young man that may be your husband someday. Put them first!
     See if you won't find a joy you've never dreamed possible!
     You will, because it is God's plan for women and His way always brings joy!