Friday, December 23, 2011

"How deep the Father's LOVE for me..."

Christmas, end of year ,beginning a new makes me reflective....
I was thinking of the good news, the glad tidings ,what the earth gained but at what cost to heaven.
I ws thinking of my daughter.
I was thinking of the song "How deep the Father's love for me".
I'll start with the story of my daughter. Several years ago one of our young daughters had some extremely bad dental problems. It brought about a trip to the Children's hospital in Denver.
She was a very, very, shy child and it worried me greatly as to how this was all going to affect her. I stressed over and over again to the drs. and nurses that I had to be with her at ALL times. As that was impossible ,of course, for surgery they allowed me to hold her until she went under and assured me I would be called before she woke up. She clung to me as I told her she would take a nap and I would be right beside her when she awoke. Then she went limp in my arms.
We waited what seemed waaaayy too long and then they urgently called me to recovery. As I walked through the door, I heard a child's frantic, ragged ,screams of terror, "mommy, mommy, mommy mommy!".
It is hard to describe my feelings as I knew that voice to be my daughters and I RAN to her side!!! She was sitting up in bed ,wild-eyed (very much awake!) and reaching for me!
The she sobbed, "mommy you weren't here!"
I was angry, very angry at what they had done to her. I hurt; a deep, searing hurt for my daughter and for the fact that she saw me as having lied to her.
The only comfort I could find was holding, squeezing her, and murmuring over and over "mommy's here, mommy's here. you're okay."
"My God,My God why hast thou forsaken me! "
"The Father turns His face away..."
How could a father do that!!!
Do you understand what that meant for the Father?
Do you understand that mankind's joy at the birth of a baby brought such pain to heaven?
I'm reminded again of an old song that impressed when I first heard it as a child, "His birth was but a path to Calvary".
The Father knew that.
The angels sang "Good tidings" and HE sent them to say that because the love the Father felt for the lost children of mankind over- rode what he knew was the cost to Him and His Son.
"How deep the Father's love for us."
How long has it been since you really contemplated the "Glorious Wondrousness" behind the Joy of this time we celebrate as Christmas!?

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