Thursday, January 19, 2012


When I peruse other blogs I find all manner of delightful , cutesy ,widgets, gadgets, pictures, and links. I find blogs on any subject under the sun; homemaking, homeschooling, politics, religion, homesteading, gardening, sewing, scrapbooking, child training, ministry, witchcraft, household hints,baking, cooking, canning ,travel, home business, cake decorating, floral arranging and on and on it goes.

After awhile I begin to feel very ordinary.

I feel uninspired.

Instead of getting tips and how-tos, I shake my head and wonder how you ever find time to do all that and blog about it too.

I feel like a very ordinary housekeeper, mom and wife.

I feel average. Average cook, average baker, average seamstress, average homeschool teacher, average wife etc etc....nothing extra-ordinary.

And I wonder how does one go from doing to talking about doing and showing others how to do. And I wonder how one feels like they have the answers enough to make how-to videos for others.

So I wonder, perhaps, the problem lies in my view of myself. Should I feel bold enough to blog a lot of "how-tos".....

If you want to talk kids.. I have 9.
If you want to talk homeschooling...I have for 10 yrs.
If you want to talk cooking...I was raised in a family of 11 and have a family of 11 so I of necessity have homecooked since I have no idea how old....I was also raised in a family who owned a catering business so I've cooked for thousands.
If you want to talk folks were of the mind "get all you can, can all you get..." and we put up 1500-2000 qts of everything imaginable every year and I now can for my own family.
If you want to talk baking....the family I was raised in also operated a bakery so I have baked since before I can remember and now bake all my own bread and any goodies or what not.
If you want to talk sewing ...I sewed my first dress by myself at 12.
If you want to talk home family owned and operated home businesses all mym life and my hubby and I have owned several since we've been married.

The list could go on and on....but what would be the point...?

I still wonder how I would be able to feel that is note-worthy enough to make a how-to blog about. I wonder how many of these blogs are more about bragging than simply sharing hints and helps.

But then I wonder if there is another side.....

 I wonder why I feel so average. Certainly, some of it is because when you come from a big family and have a big family you become very self-sufficient and "can-do" and "make-do" and a lot of these things are just ordinary life.

But......I think again and I think perhaps I shouldn't feel so ordinary, so average. Maybe I should feel more talented, more skilled, more capable....maybe I shouldn't take myself and my life experiences so much for granted .

Maybe...just maybe....I should thank God for all that life experiences have taught me and maybe.... just maybe I should feel more confident of myself ...
And maybe...just maybe there is someone that I, "little ole , ordinary me"...could help....

Mom's menu- Beef Rice Pilaf, Corn, Applesauce


  1. WHoa! You are not ordinary! I find myself thinking that about my blog all the time.... I see all of the tutorials and "how to's" and think... "Um, I could tell you how to make coffee..." :( I love you blog!

  2. I read this and am so excited to meet you! You are definately NOT ordinary but an extraordinary homemaker!
    I think the key is not comparing ourselves with someone who may "appear" to have it all together or think we have to be "perfect" before fulfilling our Titus Two Mandate to teach younger women. We just need to be faithful within the sphere of influence God has given us. I believe in "Each One- Teach One". In our classes, I strongly believe in pooling resources together. I definately DO NOT do it all or have it together. I am so glad I don't or I would be in big trouble thinking wasting time on myself:>) I have yet to meet a women who has it all together. Usually those who appear to, actually may be excellent in some areas but neglecting in others if truth be told. I believe Titus Two women need to encourage, learn and share with each other. That is what we try to do in our support group. I hope you can join us next month and possibly share with our group in the future. We need someone like you!