Saturday, January 21, 2012


Just pondering today...not sure it is a really cohesive thought....

Is  expressing our most intimate experiences with God in public format , good or bad?

When we blurt about for any or all to hear and/or read of our most private moments with Him, I think it somehow mars the special relationship as much as it would if I would blat everything precious and private in my relationship with my husband.

Somehow it seems like the world's philosophy of "free love" and "open relationship" has begun to creep into our union with God. Nothing is sacred anymore.

Along with that and perhaps more at the heart of my ponderings is the "new-fangled" way of expressing that.

Somehow all this trying to make God so "human" ,so "just my favorite bud", so "warm fuzzy" disturbs me....

Am I the old-fashioned one? Am I too stuck in "King James" as they say?

I am all for a very real , intimate, breathing, living, relationship with God that goes way beyond the sterility of most just "church" experience, but ......somehow some of what this has become bothers me.

He is after all a Holy God. One whom Moses needed to take off his shoes to approach. One who's face we are not even able to see because of it's glory.

The fact that HE, My Creator, My God desires me as His child is awesomely wonderful . That He says we can call Him, Abba, Father, is absolutely precious. That His son has told us we are no longer servants but friends is a beautiful sustaining truth and reality.

But does that all mean that I need to be trying to always think of him as a "man" as just like me? Jesus became as flesh, as human, while here on earth. That was a dramatic change for Him. That was not who He was before nor who He is now.

When I see people trying to make things from scripture or their relationship with Him fit into the same type of relationship I would have with my  "coffee pal" that bothers me.

Am I the weird one?


  1. I just found your blog and was reading through some of the posts and this particular one, struck a chord with me. I don't think you are the weird one. I feel the same, as you, in many ways. I do love the fact that we can come before the throne of God, just as we are. However, I do believe we have trivialized God to the point of taking for Him for granted. I see so many folks twisting and turning scripture to fit themselves or a particular situation...even in the church. Take for instance tattoo's. I mentioned something about getting a tattoo, which I didn't, but my Pastor let it be known to me and everyone one else around at that moment, that we do not believe in getting tattoo's. Ok, that's fine. I know there is scripture to back up that belief, however, there is also scripture that tells us how a woman should dress and conduct herself and yet nobody wants to address that. So who gets to pick what is right? As far as I know, only God. I call this way of "believing", a "pick & choose theology". Anyhow, just wanted to let you know that at least one other person out there belongs in the "weird" catagory! LoL...

    I am enjoying reading your blog and will mark as a favorite!

    Grace & Peace to you,

  2. I didn't realize you were writing again. That makes me very happy. I enjoy reading what you have to say. If I didn't know you I would say that maybe you were being a little starchy, for lack of better word. I do agree with you though. I don't like when people talk about God like their "coffee pal" . I do think we need to speak about a lot of our experiences with Him , but only with complete admiration and respect. With "fear and trembling" not that we are scared but overcome with His complete holiness and power.
    So I agree. There are a few things that I might only share with close brothers and sisters and some that are so precious I keep them in my heart. Others I share hoping to encourage fellow humans.
    Thanks for the thoughts.